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Illuminae - Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman

*5.0 (yuppp, because I can =p)

I don't know where to begin.
This book is worth the hype. DEFINITELY!!
I'm ordering GEMINA as I typed.

It is not your typical book. It full of website cutting, reports email, im's, blueprint etc etc.
At first, I thought how will I understand and follow the story line if it was full with this things?
Then, only on my first 20 pages, I was totally hooked. I can't put it down. I kept thinking what will happen to Kady and Ezra, Alexander and Hypatia. I scarified my sleep just to know the ending. Crazy!!

The story line? My oh my. When I think I knew what will happen next, it twisted. Caught me off guard. I don't want to describe more. Some of us (me as well) hated spoiler.

Illuminae is a sci-fi that followed Kady Grant and his exboyfriend Ezra Mason. They broke up just short 3 hours before their planet being attack by some megacorp. They were rescued by 3 ships. One is battle carrier called Alexander, one is research vessel called Hypatia and one is rescue vessel from their planet called Corpenicus. Their adventure began when the embark these ships. And the rest of the stories? Run and get Illuminae. =P